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Adver-City is a 2-4 player city building strategy board game. In the game players travel through time and build their own cities. In order to win the game players need to have the city with the highest number of people and keep it thriving through various adversities.

The Setup

To setup the game every player must have the following: 1 set of Hexagons (every player gets a different colour), 4 of each resources, 4 of oxygen, 4 of water, 4 of food and 4 of oil, 50 people (represented by human feet), 1 infrastructure card and 1 time traveller card..

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Place the City Card deck and the Advercity card deck on the board where specified. Place the player pegs on the Start tile and the youngest player starts the game by rolling the dice

Start Playing

To start playing roll the dice and move to the year as dictated by the dice. If you land on a blue year pick up a city card and if you land on a red year pick up an Advercity Card

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Building Infrastructure

To build infrastructure make sure that you are on a blue year, YOU CANNOT BUILD INFRASTUCTURE ON A RED YEAR! Refer to the Infrastructure Card to see what you can build, how to build it and what are the rewards for every structure you build. You can build how much ever you want in one turn there is no limit.

For example in order to build a Forest the player must give 1 water and 1 oxygen to the bank. Then the player can take the Forest hexagon from the unbuilt pile and place it in front of them and consider it built. In reward the player will receive 1 oxygen every turn. If player builds 2 Forests then they will receive 2 oxygen as a reward. Similarly water tank give water, farm gives food and powerplants give oil as a reward.


To gain people players need to build either House, School, Hospital or Army Base. Unlike resources you get people only once, in order to get more people the structure need to be built again. 

Some structure like the school require players to give up a structure like a house in addition to the resources, in which case players need to have built a house before and then have to put it back in the unbuilt pile (give it up). Players do not lose the people gained from the structure when giving up. 

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Advercity arrives when any player lands on a red year. When a player lands on a Red year they pick up an Advercity Card and follow the instructions in it. ADVERCITY CARD IS APPLICABLE TO EVERY PLAYER REGARDLESS IF THEY ARE ON A RED YEAR OR NOT. Players cannot build anything while they are on a Red year but they can collect resources.

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